Therapeutic Massage

A traditional massage modified to meet your individual needs.
30 minute treatment,  $40
60 minute treatment,  $70
90 minute treatment,  $105

Deep Tissue Massage

A massage using firm pressure and slow strokes penetrates deeper layers, offering relief for stressed and tired muscles. Stretching is combined with deep tissue to prevent injury and leave you energized.
60 minute treatment, $80

Mother Earth

Prenatal massage, specially designed for the mother to be.
60 minute treatment, $75
90 minute treatment, $110

Hot River Stones

Hot basalt river rocks will melt away deep muscular stress and tension. In addition to providing the ultimate relaxing experience, Hot River Stone massage can help relieve symptoms of arthritis, insomnia and anxiety.
60 minute treatment,  $80
90 minute treatment,  $120


Reflexology is a specific massage technique focusing on reflex points located on the hands and feet.
30 minute treatment,  $40

Body Treatments

Detoxifying Body Masque

Eliminate toxins, improve tone and texture of the skin, relax and rejuvenate. Truly a perfect complement to your cleanse or weight loss regimen. Treatment begins with dry brushing to remove dead skin cells. Next, delight in a warm application of Black Baltic Detox Masque. You will be wrapped and left to relax before continuing with our Body Mist shower. Treatment is finished with a relaxing massage.
90 min, $120

Hydrating Body Wrap

Soothe dry, irritated skin with a luxurious wrap. A body polish will provide gentle exfoliation, followed by an application of Hydrating Luxe body wrap. Cocooned in warmth, you will be left to relax in quiet. Treatment is complete with a moisturizing application of body cream.
90 min, $120

Dead Sea Salt Glow

Dull, dry skin is exfoliated away in this stimulating spa treatment. Followed by our Body Mist shower and finalized with a tranquil massage. This Salt Glow is a great enhancement to your detox program.
90 min, $120